SATSuma (for Windows) is a Bitcoin explorer, Xpub viewer, Bitcoin & Lightning dashboard, with the option to create encrypted bookmarks and notes for addresses, blocks, xpubs and transactions, view network, on-chain and market charts and metrics, use as a ‘watch-only’ wallet, and much more.

  • Free & open source
  • Connect to your node
  • Block explorer
  • Bitcoin/Lightning metrics
  • Watch-only wallet
  • On-chain & market charts
  • Encrypted bookmarks
  • Custom themes
  • Download (Windows)

SATSuma comes with a selection of six pre-set themes. It also includes a theme designer, making it easy to create your own., changing the background, colours, scale, etc. Further customization is provided in the settings screen.

SATSuma can connect to either your own full node (running Electrs/Fulcrum and or to the public API. Note that Xpub queries are restricted to the user’s own node only, to maximise privacy.

SATSuma does not do anything with your data. In fact, the only data stored is your settings, any custom themes you might make, and any bookmarks you choose to create. This data is stored only on your own hard drive and the bookmarks can be saved with optional encryption. An ‘offline mode’ is also included, which disables all functionality that requires internet access, relying solely on the connection to your own full node.

SATSuma is completely free and open source. If you like it and want to support the project it would be hugely appreciated ♥