Bitcoin dashboard

Displays an overview of a variety of market, usage, mining, etc metrics. The frequency at which the data is refreshed can be altered in the settings.

The default currency can be changed to USD, EUR, GBP or XAU from the currency menu.


1 BTC / USD – the current value of 1 bitcoin denominated in the selected currency.

Market cap (USD) – Bitcoin’s market capitalisation i.e the total value of all issued bitcoin.

1 USD / Sats – the value of 1 US dollar ($) denominated in satoshis.

Total BTC in circulation – the total amount of bitcoin issued so far. This number will increase with each newly mined block until it reaches the hard cap of 21,000,000.

Number of holding addresses – the number of unique addresses currently holding an amount of bitcoin.

Avg transactions per block – the average number of transactions included in a block, calculated over the previous 100 blocks.

24 hour number of blocks mined – the number of blocks mined in the preceding 24 hours. This number should target 144 (a block every 10 minutes) and will be influenced towards that target by periodical mining difficulty adjustments.

24 hour transaction count – the total number of transactions that were included in all blocks mined over the previous 24 hours.

24 hour number of bitcoin sent – the total amount of all bitcoin sent (on-chain) over the previous 24 hours.

Transactions in Mempool – the number of transactions currently in the mempool waiting to be included in a newly mined block.

Min/Max fee in next block – the anticipated minimum and maximum fee that will be included in the next block.

Total fees in next block – the anticipated total amount of fees to be included in the next block.

Transactions in next block – the anticipated amount of transactions to be included in the next block.

Avg no. of attempts to solve block – the average number of attempts made by the collective work of all miners to solve a block.

Average time between blocks – the average time between blocks being mined. This should average 10 minutes, influenced by periodical mining difficullty adjustments.

Est. hashrate – an estimate of the total computational power currently being used in the mining process.

Block of next difficulty adjustment – the block height at which the next difficulty adjustment will occur. This happens every 2016 blocks which is approximately every two weeks.

Next difficulty adjustment – the anticipated change to the current mining difficulty, expressed as a percentage.

Block reward – the current amount of the reward paid by the protocol for newly mined blocks, in the form of newly issued bitcoin.

Number of discoverable nodes – the number of currently discoverable Bitcoin nodes. This number is not representative of the total number of nodes, which will be much higher.

Blockchain size – the current size of the entire blockchain/ledger in gigabytes (GB).

Halving block / blocks remaining – the block height at which the next ‘halving’ will occur, and the number of blocks remaining until that time. The halving is when the block reward is cut in half until the next halving occurs. A halving occurs every 210,000 blocks, approximately every four years.

Halving date / secs remaining – the date at which the next halving will occur, along with a countdown timer.

Block reward after halving – the value of the block reward once the next halving has taken place.