Shows all transactions for the selected block. Go straight to a specific block by inputting the block height or using the △ and ▽ buttons, or step through one block at a time with the ◁ and ▷ buttons. The list displays the transaction ID, fee paid, number of transaction inputs and outputs and the amount of bitcoin moved in the transaction.

Press the ▷ button on a selected transaction/row to view more detail about that individual transaction.

Further information related to the selected block (left-hand column) includes the block time, count of all transactions included in the block, the block size and weight, the total amount of fees across all transactions in the block, the total block rewards, the minimum, maximum, median fee rate, average fee, the block hash, nonce and the name of the mining pool that mined the block.


Hash – the block hash.

Block time – date and time that the block was mined.

Transaction count – the number of transactions within the block.

Block size – size of the block in megabytes (MB).

Block weight – measures the size of a block in terms of the resources required to propagate and validate it. Measured in Million Weight Units (MWU).

Total fees – the total amount of fees paid by all transactions in the block.

Reward – the total reward received by the miner (sum of the reward and the total fees)

Fee range – Minimum, maximum and median fees for the block (sat/vB)

Average fee – the average transaction fee paid within the block (in sats).

Nonce – the nonce is used during the mining process to try to find a valid block hash.

Miner/Pool – the mining pool or miner that mined the block.

Transaction ID – a unique identifier for the transaction.

Fee – the fee paid to include the transaction in the block.

Inputs (I/P) – the number of inputs in the transaction.

Output (O/P) – the number of outputs in the transaction.

Amount – the amount of bitcoin transacted.