Download below. Extract the file and run SATSuma_Setup.exe which will guide you through the installation process. By default SATSuma will install itself to your ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder. User data files will be placed in your AppData folder
e.g C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SATSuma

If updating or uninstalling SATSuma, you should take backups of these files if you want to retain your data & settings.

SATSuma installer

SATSuma (for Windows) is a Bitcoin block explorer, Xpub viewer, Bitcoin & Lightning dashboard with the option to create encryted bookmarks and notes for addresses, blocks, xpubs and transactions, view network, on-chain and market charts, use as a ‘watch-only’ wallet, and more.

Size: 12.7 MB
Version: 2.01
Published: February 24, 2024

Manual installation

SATSuma was built using the Fody Visual Studio add-in to produce a single .exe file with all resources embedded. This was then packaged along with the data files and restore files in to an installer using Inno Setup. Inno can sometimes produce false-positives with some AV vendors. If you wish to verify for yourself, all of the source code is available and this is the script that created the installer.

If you wish to reproduce the installer build or prefer to manually install SATSuma, you can download all installation files and the Inno Setup script. Refer to the installer script to make sure all files are put in the correct place for SATSuma to work properly.