Can I lose any of my funds with SATSuma?

No. SATSuma does not have the ability to create, sign or broadcast any transactions.

What data does SATSuma collect, keep, share, etc?

SATSuma doesn’t collect or share any data at all. The only data that is stored is your settings, any custom themes you may have made, and any (encryptable) bookmarks you’ve chosen to create, all of which is only stored on your own hard drive.

How can I be sure of that?

SATSuma is open source. You can verify for yourself how all data is handled. You can also enable ‘Offline mode’ from the settings screen, which will ensure that SATSuma will only connect to your own full node, with no internet traffic. This sacrifices a bit of functionality.

Can I install SATSuma on Linux or Mac?

Sorry, SATSuma is only for Windows at the moment.

I’ve lost the password(s) to decrypt my bookmarks. Now what?

If you choose to encrypt your bookmarks then they are only ever stored in their encrypted form. The only way to decrypt them is to provide the original password. Your password is also not stored anywhere and SATSuma has no way of knowing what it was. This ensures security but it does mean that you are solely responsible for remembering your passwords and they cannot be recovered. Worst case scenario, you lose your bookmarks, themes and settings.

Why do Xpub scans seem slow?

By design, the Xpub screen will only function when it is connected to your own Bitcoin full node to ensure full privacy. Checking the Xpub balance involves generating a batch of addresses and checking each one by one until a set number of zero-balance addresses are encountered, at which point we assume there are no more to be found. This process can involve a large amount of queries and they will only run at the speed that your node can manage. This will be more apparent on nodes installed on slow hardware such as a Raspberry Pi. If you know you don’t need to check multiple derivation paths then this parameter can be changed on the Xpub screen. If you know that you will never have more than a given number of consecutive zero-balance addresses, then the number required to determine when all non-zero balance addresses have been found can be changed in the settings screen.

How do I save my settings?

You don’t need to. Any changes that are made to the settings screen are saved immediately and automatically.

I made changes to the theme/appearance but when I closed SATSuma, my changes were lost. Why?

Unlike changes made to the settings screen, changes to the appearance screen need to be manually saved. It’s very easy to make an ugly theme, so this way makes sure that changes are only saved once you are happy with your creation! Saving your theme, or opening a previously saved (or pre-set) theme will also set that theme to be your default.

I’ve managed to mess up my theme or bookmark file. Help!

You can manually edit the themes and bookmarks files in a text editor. If you happen to make a mistake that you can’t fix you can restore the original themes and bookmarks files from the Settings screen ‘reset all’ option.

How much space does SATSuma require?

SATSuma doesn’t need much space. The initial download is around 12.7Mb, and the installation requires about 16,5Mb.

How do I report a bug or submit a feature request?

You can submit a bug or feature request to 21m@btcdir.org.

Why did you build SATSuma?

It was basically a learning exercise for me. I wanted to do something with a language (C#) that I wasn’t so familiar with (my software development skills were generally based on archaic languages and tools) so building SATSuma was a nice way of trying to learn new things. At a certain point, I wondered wether anyone else might get any benefit from it so I just continued adding features until I thought it was ready for an initial release. If you enjoy SATSuma, you can support the project. SATSuma is completely free. Any donations are gratefully received 🧡