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Chart data is pulled directly from your full node, or via public API’s, depending on your settings. When connected to your own node, queries will likely take longer and the history of some queries may not be so extensive. Disabling all public API’s will result in a small number of charts being disabled.

Controls – most charts will allow you to use the mousewheel to zoom in and out of the chart. Right-clicking while vertically dragging the mouse will shrink and expand the Y axis, and horizontally dragging will shrink and expand the X axis. Below each chart you can select a time period for the chart to represent, from 24 hours through to all time.

Selecting the 💾 button will open a save file dialog to save the current chart as an image file.

Available charts:

Block fee rates
Average total fees per block
Block rewards (block subsidy plus fees)
Block size
Bitcoin in circulation
Unique addresses (linear and logarithmic)
UTXO’s (linear and logarithmic)
Mining pool rankings
Number of lightning nodes by network
Lightning nodes per country (exc. Darknet)
Lightning network capacity
Lightning network channels
Average USD market price across major bitcoin exchanges (linear and logarithmic)
Market capitalization in USD (linear and logarithmic)