All settings are automatically saved.

Your node (optional)

If you have your own full node running, enter the path to the API here. Although this is optional, note that you won’t be able to use the Xpub screen without first connecting your own node.

Once connected, the vast majority of SATSuma’s funtions will be performed by connecting directly to your node. The funtions that still require external data (e.g market prices) will continue to work, but can be disabled individually or universally on the settings screen.

Select node to connect to

Select which node/network to connect to. Choose between your own node (if set up in the previous section) or mainnet and testnet on the public API.

Other data sources

The majority of the data that SATSuma draws on can be found on-chain and is accessible either with the public API or by connecting to your own full node, as described above. SATSuma also makes use of three other public API’s to fetch data relating to metrics such as price, mining, etc. No personal data is sent or stored but you can disable any/all of these API’s if you prefer. Doing so will disable a few of the charts that relied on these API’s, as well as some of the data on the Bitcoin Dashboard and price information on the header.

The Directory screen retrieves its data from the resources at so therefore also involves a data request outside of your network. The directory can be enabled or disabled here. It is also automatically disabled when privacy mode is activated.

Refresh frequency

The refresh frequency dictates how often the dashboard data and header data (price, block height, etc) gets updated. The address, block, block list, transaction and Xpub screens are not affected by this setting. The refresh frequency is measured in minutes and can be set anywhere between 1 minute and 1440 minutes (24 hours).

Start-up screen

Select which screen you prefer to use as your ‘home screen’ when you launch SATSuma.

Always on top

When enabled, SATSuma will sit above other windows on your desktop.

Offline mode

Offlijne mode disables all internet access by SATSuma. All functions that can’t be fulfilled by your own node will be disabled. This includes getting various off-chain data (e.g market data), the directory screen and the ability for SATSuma to check whether a software update is available.

Where are my settings stored?

Your settings are saved in the SATSuma_bookmarks.json file, which can be found in your user application data directory (e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SATSuma). SATSuma continually saves your settings so you shouldn’t need to manually edit this file. If you do need to edit it, open it in a text editor (e.g Notepad) and search for “settings” you should find something resembling this:

1st character – currency (P = GBP, D = USD, E = EUR, G = XAU).
2nd character – network (M = MainNet, T = TestNet, C = own node).
3rd character – blockchair API (boolean 1 or 0).
4th character – bitcoinexplorer API (boolean 1 or 0).
5th character – API (boolean 1 or 0).
6th character – privacy mode (boolean 1 or 0).
7th character – enable directory (boolean 1 or 0).
8th character – always on top (boolean 1 or 0).
Characters 9-12 – refresh frequency.
Characters 13-14 – max number of zero balance addresses on Xpub scan (this is set on the Xpub screen).
Characters 15-17 – number of derivation paths to check on Xpub scan (this is set on the Xpub screen).

Your node settings are also stored in the SATSuma_bookmarks.json file:

as well as your default theme: