VersionUpdate notes
2.01Fee labels have been changed to show high/med/low/no priority rather than time estimations (thanks @AJ1992 for the suggestion).
Fixed a small display issue that could result in a chart icon obscuring a data field on the Blocks screen.
2.0PLEASE NOTE – V2.0 is not compatible with theme and bookmark files from previous versions and will be overwritten during installation. Make copies of them if you don’t want to lose anything you’ve done in previous versions.
Added – new setting to scale the entire UI up to 2x the original size.
Added – Redesigned navigation layout – better clarity and less clicks.
Added – smoother experience when switching to a new theme and when initially loading.
Now possible to navigate to another screen while a time-consuming process is taking place on another (e.g scanning an xpub)
Added – node on/offline status light now lights up during queries.
Added – input validation to fiat/btc fields on currency converter screen.
Added – ‘reset all’ – deletes all themes, bookmarks and settings and resets them all to defaults.
Themes – new ‘satsuma’ theme,
Themes – new ‘honey badger’ theme.
Themes – new ‘symbol’ theme.
Themes – new ‘stack sats’ theme.
Themes – improved ‘genesis’ and ‘franklin’ (prev. btcdir) themes.
Themes – all themes have been recreated to avoid pixelation/blurring when the new UI scaling option has been set to maximum (2x).
Themes – title bar backgrounds can now be selected from a list of images (or a flat colour or hidden).
Themes – theme background thumbnails on the create theme screen are now more representative of the image.
Themes – Show Clock option is now correctly disabled when any background other than ‘genesis’ is selected.
Charts – various visual tweaks and improvements.
Directory – clearer text and more room for it to breathe!
Address – QR codes now inherit their colours from labels – no more grey QR’s becoming unreadable on a grey background!
UI – Added loading screen when moving from one screen to another. This makes the transition smoother as user doesn’t have to watch while form elements are painted!
UI – Search function relocated to top icon row.
UI – Alerts and statuses now consistent in appearance.
UI – Truncated error messages can now be expanded and copied to clipboard.
UI – Blocks screen – removed an unnecessary line connector.
UI – Settings screen – removed the button to confirm default start-up screen. It now saves immediately on selection.
UI – Add bookmark panel – no longer transparent (making it easier to design a custom background image that incorporates header area). Instead adopts the theme’s panel colour.
UI – Graphic icon used for the small chart buttons has been replaced with an ASCII icon instead, so those buttons now inherit their colours from labels.
UI – Icon on ‘add to bookmarks’ button now provides a visual cue to whether it’s enabled or not.
UI – Replaced graphic for custom image on theme creation screen.
UI – The ‘update/about’ button now flashes when there is a software update available.
UI – Tidied up the documentation window.
UI – Added a closing screen on exit (hides flicker and artefacts during close).
UI – various additional tweaks and polish.
Documentation – both entry points to the documentation result in a context sensitive page (relating to the screen being viewed when documentation was requested).
Bug fix – fixed a bug that would cause a user-made theme to lose its custom image if the theme was subsequently edited and saved with a new name.
Bug fix – fixed a bug that was preventing some Lightning metrics from displaying.
Bug fix – common areas in top of form (price, block and fee) would occasionally suffer from graphical glitches.
Bug fix – next block fees was returning an error due to a changed API.
Bug fix – mouseover colours on add/cancel buttons when adding a bookmark were incorrect.
Bug fix – progress bars for checking xpubs are now cleared as soon as a submitted xpub is edited.
NB – the installer is ~5mb larger than before due to the higher resolution theme files.
1.09UI – Price converter (Charts screen) button’s text colour is now correctly adjusted when applying another theme.
1.08UI – Menu animations sped up.
Bug fix – the main window is now dimmed correctly during opening of the ‘about’ or ‘help’ windows when Windows DPI scaling is active.
1.07Added – Block age (ticking) added after block tip in header area.
UI – Tidied up appearance of the Help screen.
UI – Global search and theme menu buttons mouse-over behaviour now consistent with all other header buttons.
UI – Border added to Help and About screens for some themes (consistent with main window).
UI – Minor alignment correction on Settings screen.
Block & Block List screens – a couple of label changes.
1.06Added – animated menus.
Added – animated global search box.
1.05Fixed an issue that was preventing the ‘add to bookmarks’ button from changing its disabled state in some circumstances.
1.04During restore of data files, the required directory is no longer assumed to exist, and is created if required.
Bug fix – mouse-tracking on the charts was showing text that related to the previous mouse position rather than the current one.
Bug fix – fixed bug that prevented startup when the data files weren’t present and were automatically restored.
Improved error handling.
Bug fix – Network age (btc dashboard screen) now correctly styles according to the selected theme.
Bug fix – y axis label on charts was deriving its colour from the previously applied theme, rather than the current theme.
1.03Fixed bug introduced in v1.02 which caused currency menu to be obscured when opened.
1.02Bitcoin dashboard – Changed layout to columns rather than rows. Added new fields: BTC yet to be issued, percentage issued, subsidy epoch, difficulty epoch, network age.
Directory screen – prior to rendering the directory a font substitution now occurs for consistency.
Header – relocated on-screen clock (Genesis theme only).
Header – relocated fee rates chart button.
1.01Added – pop-out global search (block height, address, transaction ID or xpub all from one search field).
Loading animation relocated to top-left of window and incorporated into the SATSuma logo.
Create theme – loading animation selection now applies to loading of charts only.
Node connection status relocated to bottom-right.
1.0Added – ability to select default startup screen from 26 screens.
Added – 3 new preset themes.
Added – ‘always on top’ setting.
Added – discrete visual feedback whenever any of user’s settings are saved.
Added – revamped/replaced documentation system so that it now caters for images, formatted text, etc. the content of which is online. All documentation is automatically refactored to match the active theme.
Node connection – there is no longer a need to provide the path to your own node as well as a path to the node to use for Xpub queries. One node path covers everything.
Settings screen – new simplified layout.
Settings screen – Number of consecutive zero balance addresses setting (to determine when all of a wallet’s TX’s have been reached) has been moved from the settings screen to the Xpub screen as it’s an Xpub specific setting.
Transaction screen – elements that were excluded from theme are now included.
Address screen – confirmed/unconfirmed outputs are now on new lines to avoid being partially obscured by transaction list.
Block, Blocks, Settings & Xpub screens – numeric input fields have been replaced with a more intuitive & user-friendly control. Small label text changes.
Blocks screen – Avg TX size (bytes) is now shown to only 2 decimal places.
Offline mode – Privacy mode is now called ‘offline mode’, and kills all internet access by SATSuma. If SATSuma can’t do something from your own node (e.g get market data, check for software update, etc), that functionality will be disabled.
UI – all combo boxes now inherit curved/square corners according to selected theme.
UI – numeric up/down controls are now within theme scope.
UI – selected rows on all tables of data now derive their appearance from their unselected state (darkened background, lightened text).
Themes – Added opacity setting.
Themes – Added an extra loading animation option.
Themes – Minor changes to existing themes.
Themes – No longer necessary to input path to custom background image.
Themes – When applying a previously saved custom theme with custom background image, the image thumbnail and file path are now displayed on the ‘create theme’ screen.
Themes – No longer possible to save a theme with a theme name that’s already in use.
Theme menu – Works more intuitively and also now displays more feedback as to which theme (custom or preset) is currently active, as well as whether the creation screen is active (consistent with main menu behaviour).
The ‘move window’ button is no longer an invisible area at the top of the form, and has been replaced with a button next to the minimize button.
Bug fix – applying a new theme while viewing a screen with a listview should no longer leave any colour artefacts behind, and all list data should now inherit the correct colours immediately.
Bug fix – certain action combinations could result in the ‘apply theme’ button’s state being incorrectly set.
Improved error checking.
Updated dependencies.
Performance improvements.
0.99Charts – The field that displays the data values at the closest x/y coordinate to the mouse position has been moved to within the chart plot area.
Charts – Y axis label appearance derived from labels as defined in the active theme.
Menus – Active selection marker handled differently – no more mis-matched shades.
UI – One text element on the settings screen was being excluded from theme settings.
0.98Directory screen – links now open in user’s default browser.
All screens – Changes to selected currency now result in immediately refreshed conversions.
All screens – Fiat conversion elements are now hidden when Privacy Mode is active, when connected to Testnet, or when the market price API is disabled.
Bug fix – the ‘custom/apply custom’ button in the theme menu no longer reverts to ‘custom’ when it should show ‘apply custom’ after selecting a new custom theme while a different custom theme is already active.
UI – Help and About screens will now dim the parent form while open.
UI – Help and About screens now inherit theme attributes for all elements from parent form.
UI – drop-down list of themes now in line with selected theme when in dropped-down state.
0.97Added – new ‘Directory’ screen. A dynamic (it can change without needing to update SATSuma) directory of bitcoin resources, news, podcasts, software, etc. Can be disabled individually or by enabling ‘privacy mode’.
Added – the selected fiat currency now applies to ‘market cap’ and ‘price’ charts. This makes the currency selector apply across the whole of SATSuma.
Added – Address, bitcoin dashboard, transaction, xpub, blocks and block screens now shows Fiat/gold conversions on some elements.
Added – Fiat conversion elements separately customisable from other text elements.
UI – moved ‘new update available’ notification to the bottom of the main menu.
Transaction screen – transaction fee is now displayed in bitcoin rather than sats. Tidied up text alignment on transaction diagram.
Block screen – fixed small alignment issue with chart icons.
0.96Added – automatically restore original data files if they aren’t present.
Added – ability to delete all bookmarks in one batch.
UI – During theme creation, all colour pickers open with the existing colour of their respective controls, making minor colour adjustments much easier.
UI – Xpub, Transaction and Address screens cleared of all controls until a valid input is provided.
UI – Very minor tweaks to mitigate layout issues caused by potential font substitution.
0.95Added – Rounded corners on buttons, textboxes and panels. The amount of rounding can be customized and is now an attribute of saved themes.
Added – Rounded form.
Added – 3 sample custom themes (can be deleted if desired on the customize screen) plus the three presets.
UI – It’s now possible to select and apply a previously saved custom theme directly from the main ‘themes’ menu.
UI – When ‘help’ is selected from main menu, the main menu is now closed before the help screen appears.
UI – Preview button added to loading animation selection so they’re not constantly animated.
UI – Status messages and alerts reduced in size. Alert icon changed.
UI – Blocks screen – unnecessary borders removed.
UI – Changed appearance/location of notification to alert that a software update is available.
UI – ‘Appearance’ screen renamed to ‘Create’ screen.
UI – Theme navigation (create, apply, select, etc) more logical and streamlined.
UI – Layout improvements for the customize screen.
UI – minor repositioning of many elements.
UI – Customize own theme moved from main menu to themes menu.
Consistency fix – reaching the last page of the blocks screen (block 0) then paging back towards newer blocks now displays data consistent with the way that reaching the last page of transactions for a given block works.
BTC/fiat/gold converter no longer empties textboxes on mouse-enter.
Error messages returned from API calls are now truncated at 100 chars.
0.94Added – User will be automatically notified if updates are available. If ‘privacy mode’ is enabled, a link is provided to check manually.
Added – Shortcut chart icon to Bitcoin Dashboard screen for fiat/gold/btc converter.
UI – theme/custom menu item now enabled at all times.
UI – Pressing ESC will now exit the ‘about’ screen
Bug fix – Right-click events when trying to move the window are now ignored, fixing a graphical glitch that would be caused to the theme background.
0.93UI – Chart title and axis label colours now derived from header data fields for improved readability.
UI – Minor change to appearance screen layout.
UI – Improved alignment on Blocks/Blocks screens.
UI – Small text change to Block/Address/Transaction screens.
Added – Shortcut icons to header for fiat/gold/btc converter, block size and market cap charts.
0.92If the SATSuma icon was missing from the add/remove programs list, it will be back now. Help text updated to mention BTC/fiat/gold converter.
0.91Installation – application now contained in a single exe. Significantly smaller install size. 
0.90.2UI – minor layout change to menus to avoid overlapping elements.
0.90.1UI – fixed incorrect text on theme menu.
0.90Added – logarithmic hashrate and difficulty charts.
Added – BTC/fiat/gold value converter to charts screen.
UI – changed location & text of lin/log buttons.
UI – valid/invalid notifications for inputted addresses, TX’s or Xpubs are now all consistent.
UI – minor change to node status alerts.
UI – menu items are no longer included in themed buttons, but instead inherit from chart background.
UI – button hover colours are now derived from the button’s background colour, rather than hardcoded.
Bug fix – Currency buttons no longer omitted from theme changes.
Performance – chart plots are now cleared as soon as they’re not required.
Updated dependencies.
0.84UI – bookmarks are now always displayed in descending date order.
0.83Bug fix – market cap chart no longer becomes permanently disabled.
Bug fix – bookmarks will always decrypt with the correct key now.
Bug fix – encrypted bookmarks can now be deleted when being viewed in their decrypted state.
0.82UI – minor change to ‘about’ window.
0.81Added – ability to save charts as image files.
UI – fixed typos in documentation.
0.80Initial release.