The Xpub screen finds all used addresses associated with a provided Xpub. It first generates the first 500 addresses for Segwit, Legacy and Segwit P2SH address types, then checks each in turn to find all used addresses (addresses with a non-zero balance), along with their total amounts received, spent and unspent. After 20 consecutive unused addresses it is assumed that all used addresses have been found. All unused addresses that were scanned are also displayed.

This feature is only available by connecting to your own full node running a local installation of mempool.space. The most recent valid/connected node url is automatically saved for next time. The Xpub you provide is not sent or stored anywhere other than your own node, unless you choose to bookmark it, in which case all that is stored is a SHA-256 hash of the password on your local machine in the installation directory. Because you are only connecting to your own node, no third-party is involved when using the Xpub screen, giving you complete privacy.

You can provide the url to your node on the Xpub screen, but if you have already provided it in the settings screen it will be automatically populated. The number of unused addresses to check before concluding that all used addresses have been found can be set here, as well as the number of derivation paths to check.

Be aware that an Xpub scan can be quite a slow process, depending on the speed of your node.


Status – shows the progress of the scan for all used addresses associated with the Xpub. The upper progress bar indicates the number of consecutive unused addresses for the address type being scanned, and the lower progress bar indicates the total progress of all address type scans.

Used addresses – summarizes the number of used addresses identified for each address type and their total amounts received, spent and unspent.

Totals – the total amounts received, spent and unspent across all address types.

TX’s (table) – the number of transactions associated with that address.

Received (table) – the total amount received by that address.

Spent (table) – the total amount spent by that address.

Unspent (table) – the total amount unspent (balance) held by that address.