SATSuma comes with 6 preset themes which can be selected from the main menu. The create theme screen lets you customise the appearance of every part of SATSuma to make your own themes.


The left-hand column lets you change the colour of all the elements that make up the UI. The coloured buttons open a standard colour-picker to set custom colours.

Local time

Displays/hides the local time (only applies to the ‘Genesis’ background).

Chart backgrounds

Sets the background colour of all charts to either light or dark.

Chart loading animation

Select between three loading animations, displayed while charts are being generated.

Rounded corners

Select between rounded, partially rounded or square corners on panels, buttons, headings, etc.

Heading backgrounds

Select between the default heading background, no background or a custom colour.

Background image

Enables you to select a background image. The background images used by the pre-set themes can be selected, as well as a flat background colour or a background image of your own.

Save as a new theme

None of the above selections are saved until you choose to give your theme a name and save it. If you are using a custom background image, you will need to provide the filepath to the file. Saving the theme will also set it to be your theme at next start up (saved in the settings file). Theme data is stored in the SATSuma_themes.json file, which can be found in your user application data directory (e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SATSuma).

Load or delete custom theme

Select a theme from your own creations to either open it or delete it. Opening any theme (custom or preset) will also set it to be the default theme.